I was already a mother ...

"I was already a mother when I had my abortions. I love my children. I believe that my work as a parent is my most important job. When I had my first abortion, I was a single mother. I had just found the courage to end an abusive relationship. It was an incredibly empowering and scary step to try to stand on my own when I had nothing. My baby girl was 9 months old and my income was well below the poverty line. I prayed and lifted all that was weighing upon me to God. And, with all the love in my heart, I gave the potential life growing within me back to our Creator. I am thankful for the health and fertility bestowed on me. I am also grateful that I was able to safely postpone growing my family until our circumstances were more stable. I truly feel that my experiences with abortion were a blessing—a part of the miraculous cycle of life and part of the millennia long history of humans’ efforts to understand and responsibly control our fertility. Good women have abortions. Good MOTHERS have abortions." —Sara

#abusiverelationship #financialinstability #caringforotherchildren #gratitude #multipleabortions

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