Twenty years ago, I had an abortion...

"Twenty years ago, I had an abortion because I wanted one. My reasons are my own and are valid because I say they are. Just like each woman's choice to have an abortion or to not have one is ultimately her own decision and is valid because it is her decision about her body, her life, and her future. Shaming women, blaming women, harassing women and our supportive partners, family and friends and our medical providers will not stop abortions. Shame, fear and misinformation will not stop people from having sex, or having unwanted pregnancies or having abortions. We must never go back to the days of unsafe, self-induced or underground illegal abortions. There is no reason why this topic needs to continue to be surrounded by stigma and shame. We won't go back. To me, the most important part of my story is this: my abortion was safe, legal and accessible to me. I want every woman to always have the same reproductive option I had." —Mary Kelley

#prochoice #confidence

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