I actually had started up my own website...

"I actually had started up my own website but then put it on hold until I had more funds to keep it up and running after my abortion. I am glad to see more and more sites to help women after having an abortion. Most people think once it’s over that the issue or any concerns are done, but definitely the time after the abortion can be critical too. I went through so much mental ache and pain after my abortion. It was so difficult because my mind kept wondering if that was the right decision. My boy at the time just disappeared and wasn’t there for me, and no one knew that I had an abortion. I actually ended up writing a story about my situation and the effects abortion had on me. I wrote the article and it was published in my university magazine that covers different political/cultural issues. It really helped me express myself and hopefully got others to realize that they are not alone in having an abortion and that their friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, or family members should not judge them and should really support and be there for them during and after having an abortion. Abortion is not an easy thing. There are so many questions and concerns that circle the topic of abortion, but if there are people supporting and helping someone through the process of abortion it can become easier to deal with. It can help save that girl's life even." —Carmen P.

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