Many years ago I was lucky...

"Many years ago I was lucky enough to obtain an abortion at a Cleveland abortion clinic. Access to that service has made all the difference in my life and in my health. Alerted early in the pregnancy (3 weeks) that I probably would not carry the fetus to term - and that I faced many severe and threatening complications should I decide to remain pregnant, I chose abortion - an alternative presented and recommended by the doctor attending me.

I didn't then and do not now feel guilt or regret about that decision. I have often been asked by friends why I don't mind admitting I had an abortion and why I felt it was the right decision. I made a healthy choice. Abortion is a medical procedure to help women and partners determine when or if they will reproduce. Period. I would never worry about any other sort of operation that helped me maintain my reproductive health - why would I think differently of abortion? I would probably feel the same if my reason for getting the abortion had been economic or social or relationship related.

My second "no regrets" reason is that three months after the abortion I was pregnant again. I carried that child to term and had one other child. They are happy very productive adults - but they might not be here or might not be so happy and doing so well if I had not had an abortion. For me abortion was an alternative that relieved a great deal of stress, a good deal of illness. Legal, hygenic, openly available, affordable abortion services are necessary and right. Just as many of us seek to take back the night, we should also seek to take away the stigma of having made good sound healthy choices." —Christine Sell

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