When that test is positive ...

"When that test is positive, it shows up so quick. I was 17, a Senior in high school, and just took a pregnancy test during my 2nd block class. I was on the pill, but not taking it properly. The baby's father (2 years older) and I had a rocky relationship, plus he had a daughter already. Something tells me he knew I was pregnant before I did.

Anyway, I immediately called my mom and expressed interest in open adoption. Later that night, she did her best to not scream at me, but let me know that a baby, whether you keep it or not, will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. We began the process to find an abortion clinic and had the appt set for 2 weeks later (I was 6 weeks pregnant).

Those two weeks sent me through a blur of events. Leaving one guy, and rebounding to another (bad, year long) relationship. Losing friends, being talked about, and still going through minor pregnancy symptoms. The abortion itself was a surreal experience. I was put to sleep, but I went to sleep crying, looking around the table for someone to just hold my hand. No one even looked at me.

That was 4 years ago, and even though it was sad, it was the best decision I ever made for myself. It gave me another opportunity to live my life the way I planned, to live my life without first considering another. I can't imagine being a mom at 21. I would've made my parents grandparents in their early 40's, be put on welfare, and put my whole family through a life change that none of us were prepared to handle.

I'm pro choice, not only because of my story, but because of the millions of girls out there who have a life plan that doesn't include a baby just yet. People say abortion is death, but I believe the opposite. Abortion is the gift of TWO lives through sorrow. Girls shouldn't be afraid to consider abortion, because it is THEIR choice. Your baby, your body, your life." —Johanna Bethany

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