Abortion is...

My Abortion, My Life invites our community to reflect on the powerful role that abortion plays in people’s lives. We asked ourselves, “What does abortion really mean to people? What is abortion?” From our experience, there isn’t just one answer, and the impact of safe abortion access changes from person to person and community to community.​


To share our answers and spark community conversation, we are hosting a series of 16 billboards around Cleveland. Each billboard presents a fill-in-the-blank sentence, and each billboard fills in the blank with a different word or phrase, highlighting the variety of ways abortion is important to our lives.


When we launched the billboards in January 2018, our billboards displayed “Abortion is…” with fill-in-the-blank sentiments taken from real patient stories. Some of the phrases included “a parenting decision,” “gender equality,” “a second chance,” and “right for me.” In March, we shifted the conversation to feature the tagline “My abortion saved…” with fill-in-the-blank sentiments expressed by our community in Cleveland. Some of the phrases include “my future, “my life,” and “me from abuse.”


Abortion may be many things, but one thing it isn’t is one size fits all. Abortion is all of the above!

All of the Above

Abortion can be simple or complex. Easy or hard. A blessing or a struggle. It can be all of the above—and more.

Abortion is a normal and necessary part of people’s lives. People from all walks of life have abortions for many different reasons. And each person’s experience is valid. To a physician, abortion may be a medical procedure that takes less than 10 minutes to perform. To a parent struggling to make ends meet, abortion may be the best way to love and care for your family. To a young person, abortion may be the chance to graduate. To a survivor of abuse, abortion may be a step toward healing. To all of us, abortion is foundational to a just society, even when our feelings about abortion are complicated.

We invite you to think about the experiences of people who’ve had an abortion. And to our friends, family members, and neighbors who have had abortions: We want you to know that we love you, and you’re not alone.

Innovative Billboards: Sparking Conversation

Our billboards are located throughout the city of Cleveland. Check out the map to see where the billboards are and the fill-in-the-blank “answer” on each one. While each billboard stands alone, together they make a powerful picture of what “abortions is” and what “abortion saved” in our community.

We created graphics you can share on social media using hashtags #AllOfTheAbove and #MyAbortionMyLife. Click here for “Abortion is…” graphics, and click here for “My abortion saved…” graphics.

What does abortion mean to you? What tagline stands out to you? Tell us here!

Abortion is a choice.
Abortion is a conversation.
Abortion is a family value.
Abortion is a parenting decision.
Abortion is a second chance.
Abortion is gender equality.
Abortion is health care.
Abortion is hope.
Abortion is liberty.
Abortion is life-saving.
Abortion is normal.
Abortion is right for me.
Abortion is your right.
Abortion is a blessing.
Abortion is safer than childbirth.
Abortion is sacred.
My abortion saved my children.
My abortion saved my career.
My abortion saved my future.
My abortion saved my education.
My abortion saved my family.
My abortion saved my happiness.
My abortion saved my health.
My abortion saved my hopes & dreams.
My abortion saved my life.
My abortion saved my marriage.
My abortion saved my potential.
My abortion saved my relationship.
My abortion saved me from abuse

What's next? 

Even more sentences! Keep your eyes out for more fill-in-the-blank sentences that challenge us to think beyond the usual conversations about abortion. Because for a topic as personal as abortion, one answer is never enough.

For media inquiries, please email info@preterm.org.