Abortion stigma affects all of us.

One in four American women will have an abortion in her lifetime. Women with families, jobs, friends, hopes, and dreams. Abortion is a normal and necessary part of many people's reproductive lives. Yet the barrage of misinformation about abortion and the people who have them has created a culture of shame and secrecy associated with this common experience. 


Abortion stigma is all around us. We hear it in the silence when someone doesn't tell their friend about their abortion for fear of judgment. We see it in the media every time a woman who has an abortion is portrayed as selfish. We see it in hospitals that exclude abortion care from their range of medical services for fear of protest. We see it in the constant barrage of laws and policies that target abortion providers and restrict access to abortion services.


Imagine a world without abortion stigma.

Imagine that people facing pregnancy decisions have the benefit of shared wisdom and information. Imagine those of us who have had abortions feeling less isolated and alone. Imagine abortion providers embraced by their communities, and abortion better integrated into mainstream medical care. And imagine a public more comfortable raising its voice in support of abortion access and less tolerant of efforts to restrict it.


My Abortion, My Life works toward a world without stigma. Our aim is simple. Abortion is a common experience people undergo for many valid personal reasons. If even a fraction of the 50 million American women, and all people, who have had abortions spoke about the experience, the cycle of silence, shame, and stigma would be broken.

Stigma Resources

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These resources are provided by organizations doing advocacy and academic research in the area of reproductive health and well-being.


For more information on these and other organizations, please see our Resources page.

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