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Welcome to My Abortion. My Life.


We are here to create a new and positive conversation about abortion in the lives of American women. We are sponsored by a clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, and our activities are based in this area for the time being, but we are open to the stories of all women. We invite you to join us.


The facts are clear.

About ONE IN THREE WOMEN in the U.S. will have an abortion during her lifetime.

About 50 MILLION WOMEN have had abortions since the Roe v Wade decision in 1973.


Even if you aren’t among them, it’s likely that someone close to you has been touched by abortion. Yet you probably don’t get to talk about it very much.

Imagine what will happen if just a small fraction of us who have been impacted by abortion begin to break the silence! We will:

•Help women who have had abortions to not feel so alone.

•Begin to end the shame and secrecy that surrounds abortion in this country.

•Help people see abortion for what it is: a normal and necessary part of women’s reproductive lives and health.

My Abortion, My Life will end the silence surrounding abortion one story at a time. Read more about it. Think about it. And join us in this effort to create a new and positive conversation about abortion.

Women are sharing stories about the place of abortion in their lives. These are some recent submissions:

It could never happen to me. I am a planner. I am responsible. I always use protection. I waited until I was 27 to start having sex. I'm still 27. And now my abortion is part of my narrative. ..." [more]

I have not had an abortion but several women I love and respect have. The My Abortion My Life campaign has inspired me to have "Abortion Conversations" with many people in my life. I've learned that many women do not speak about their personal abortion experiences for varied and complicated reasons. ..." [more]

When that test is positive, it shows up so quick. I was 17, a Senior in high school, and just took a pregnancy test during my 2nd block class. I was on the pill, but not taking it properly. The baby's father (2 years older) and I had a rocky relationship, plus he had a daughter already. Something tells me he knew I was pregnant before I did. ..." [more]

"I got knocked up over spring break — as a 32-year old married graduate student. Having children was never something that my husband and I considered to be an option. ..." [more]

“I had my first abortion at the age of 18 and the last at the age of 36. According to some, I am a "serial" aborter, meaning I have had more than one. I've been thinking about this status recently for a lot of different reasons. …” [more]

“I was married, but my husband and I were not eager to have children. At this point, we had been married for 16 years and our lives felt complete and were enjoyable just as they were. …” [more]

“ABORTION....Well what can I say? I know exactly what to say...I am thankful for the opportunity to have had a choice! I know that sounds crazy, however, it could have been worse. …” [more]

Share your story.

Recent Events

TRUST. WOMEN. ART: Claiming & Creating History with Heather Ault.

Thank you for joining us, the My Abortion, My Life campaign, the Dittrick Medical History Center, and the Front Room Gallery as we welcomed artist & activist Heather Ault and her acclaimed series, "4000 Years for Choice" to Cleveland. Click here for photos from the event!

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Take the One-in-Three Pledge to End the Silence

If you feel safe speaking out, please sign the pledge and let people know you are committed to speaking honestly about abortion. If you would prefer, you can sign anonymously or send us a private message. You may also just read others’ stories and stand with us.


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